Creating Healthy Habits

It’s never too late to start a healthy habit!  So why not start today?  


Below is a list of daily habits that you can practice for a healthier life.  When adding or changing a habit, it is best to focus on one at a time.  I suggest picking the habit that sounds the most appealing to you, and practicing it whole-heartedly for one week.  If after that week it has become part of your daily routine, pick a new habit to add to your daily routine!  If not, use another week to incorporate the original habit.  Either way, once the habit becomes routine, it is time to pick a new one to bring your life up to the next level!


    1. Drink Water: start the day with water, end the day with water, and fill your day with water! There is no better beverage on this planet – it is the ultimate fuel for your body. To make this a true habit, invest in a large BPA-free water bottle and take it everywhere.  With water within hands reach, you will definitely drink more, which will only increase your health.


  • Sweat Daily: exercise has soooooo many health benefits!  You will start looking and feeling amazing in a multitude of ways.  There are two general types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic.  Aerobic exercise includes cardiovascular activities like running, biking, or swimming.  Anaerobic exercise includes muscle-building activities like lifting weights, jumping, and sprinting.  Do you want to multitask?  You can accomplish anaerobic and aerobic exercise at the same time at gym classes like Zumba, BODYPUMP, CXWORKS, and R.I.P.P.E.D.!  To learn more about these classes, you can read about them here.  If you’re new to exercising, start by sweating for 15 minutes a day, and gradually increase to at least a full hour of exercise daily – you won’t regret it!
  • Stretch Daily: your body is going to need some stretching after all that exercise!  Stretching releases lactic acid, so your body doesn’t feel sore after working out.  It is best to stretch when your muscles are warm, preferably after your workout.  If you need more guidance while you stretch, try practicing yoga!  Not only will you increase your flexibility, you will gain bountiful mental and physical benefits.  Curious about yoga?  Read about a basic yoga class here.
  • Journal: now we have 3 solid physical habits, so it’s time to work on the mind.  Journaling is recommended by nearly every mental health professional as an everyday practice to increase emotional well-being.  People that journal feel happier, more at peace with the world, and less stressed.  To make this a daily habit, try journaling at the end of the day before you go to sleep.  You can recount the day’s activities: what went well and what went wrong.  Try to journal without judgement; simply reflect on what happened and think about what you could do better next time.  Journaling is a powerful activity that will truly increase your mental health.
  • Enjoy Nature: don’t forget about Mother Earth – she is everyone’s friend!  Who doesn’t enjoy sunshine and fresh air after being stuck inside all day?  And spending just a half hour in the sun can give you your daily dose of Vitamin D which helps increase happiness among other benefits.  If you are able, try to use your lunch break to spend some time with Mother Nature.  Maybe you can even take your lunch outside so that you take in Vitamin D as you digest all the nutrients in your wholesome meal.



With these 5 habits, you are well on your way to living a happy, healthy life. If you have any other healthy habits that you live by, feel free to comment below!


Tips for Breaking a Bad Habit

Have you been struggling with a bad habit?  Maybe you have a habit of mindlessly snacking while watching shows, drinking soda instead of water, or spending money on frivolous items.  It’s time to say goodbye to your bad habits and live the life you want to have!  Simply follow the process below to break an unhealthy habit.


  1. Find Your Focus


To begin, you need to think about the one habit that is most degrading your life – your focus will be on this single bad habit.  It is best to devote some time to meditate on what your focus will be.  Sit quietly and either think or write as you answer the following questions:


  • What is something wrong with my life?
  • What causes this aspect of my life to go wrong?
  • What can I do to improve this aspect of my life?


For instance, if the “something wrong” is your weight, you could look at what causes your weight to go wrong.  Are you eating too much or too little?  Then decide how you could improve this aspect.  Maybe you could resolve to eat mindfully and stop eating once you are full.  No matter what your bad habit is, these questions can help guide you towards a healthier life.


  1. Replace the Bad Habit with a Healthy Habit


It is so difficult to tell yourself “don’t do this.”  Think about a time when your parent told you “don’t eat this candy”, then as soon as they left the room, you suddenly wanted to eat the candy!  This characteristic of you probably hasn’t changed as an adult.  So instead of telling yourself to simply stop the bad habit, think about what you could do instead of that bad habit.  For instance, instead of grabbing a soda as you sit down to a show, you could grab a glass of water!  Or instead of habitually turning on the T.V. once you get home from work, you could habitually put on your running shoes and head to the gym to get your sweat-on!  For more healthy habit ideas, check out this article [insert link to first blog post under “article”].


  1. Make Your Resolution


This is your Anytime Resolution (because it doesn’t have to be January 1st in order to improve your life!).  Once you know the habit you want to break and what you are replacing the habit with, you need to make a resolution to truly end the habit.  Make this your #1 priority over the next three weeks.  This is a big commitment, so make sure that there are life-changing reasons for replacing this habit.  It also helps to post reminders throughout your house, car, and workspace so that you don’t lose your focus.  Friends and family can be great tools as well – build yourself a support group by letting your loved ones know about your new resolution.  But remember, life is a journey and we are bound to stray from the path now and then, but our reminders and relationships help to bring us back on track!  


So if you are struggling with a bad habit, it’s time to take the first step in the right direction!  Say goodbye to that bad habit and say hello to a wonderful life.  If you want to strengthen your resolve to end your bad habit, simply comment below with your resolution to a beautiful new you!