Top 6 Nutrition Hacks to Follow When You Are On Weight Loss Spree

weight loss

weight loss

Many times we work hard in the gym but don’t feel that we are achieving the desired result. Moreover, we tend to get frustrated about our current progress. So, to avoid this frustration and seek the necessary result. Follow these nutrition hacks when you are on the weight loss spree.

  1. Guzzle Water

Your goal should be to drink water at least half of your body weight in fluid ounces and additional 30 ounces for every hour you work out. Also, try drinking a glass of water while cooking dinner and before your every meal. When you are traveling, remember to carry a water bottle so that you don’t forget to drink water. You can also try sugarless iced tea, lemon tea or green tea to achieve your goal.

  1. Address Food Sensitivities

Sometimes your body is facing inflammation chronically from the food you are eating. So it is advisable to carry extra fluid weight. Further, the common symptoms of food issues are brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, bloating and gas. If you are encountering any of these symptoms on a regular basis, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or dietitian about a diet analysis. Also, some blood tests determine food sensitivities that can be helpful in reducing inflammation and excessive weight.

  1. Eliminate Empty Calories

Moderation is important in life. Also, we should enjoy the delicious food like chocolate, but we do not realize the fact that for much time we are enjoying this food. This approach of eating works for weight maintenance, but not in case of weight loss. So, it’s time we count up our empty calories and reduce them from our diet. This will help our body kick start again.

  1. Adjust Calorie Goals

When losing weight, it is vital to evaluate your nutrition goals. Because your height is still the same, but you are carrying less weight around, so you have less body to feed. Moreover, a drop in metabolic burn is normal when you’re losing weight, thus to maintain this trend; you need to reevaluate calories you are eating. You even need to evaluate your current workout schedule, daily activities and basal metabolic rate to achieve your new calorie goal.

  1. Power Up The Protein

Plan your protein intake in the daytime to ensure that you are maximizing your body’s usage of amino acids. Research has shown that protein that is high in the amino acid leucine can be helpful while reducing body fat. What you need to do is eat 25-35 grams of protein every 4 to 5 hours to achieve a positive impact. Moreover, don’t skip your afternoon protein snack. The primary protein sources are chicken salad, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

  1. Fiber Up

Prefer food that is high in fiber. The logic behind this that fiber helps to prevent rushes in blood glucose as it slows the absorption of sugar. Likewise, the fiber-rich food contains bulk and require you to chew it multiple times to break them down, which gives your body more time to process, and you feel full for a longer duration. The foods that are high in fiber contain more nutrition values than other foods. Some of the fiber-rich diets are broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, apples and many more.

So, these were some nutrient hacks that would surely help you in reducing weight.


Top 3 Secrets To Lose Weight In Your 30’s

3 ways to lose weight in your 30's

3 ways to lose weight in your 30's

Yes, losing weight in your thirties is possible. But, only with a smarter plan. We all know that losing weight at any age is a big deal. However, losing weight in your thirties is especially hard.


Because of one simple reason that is “weight loss”, many things for women over 30 takes a lot of time and energy. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to find extra time during that stage of life when career and family are the top priorities.

I am not trying to say that it’s impossible to lose weight for women in her 30’s.

But actually, it just takes smart PLANNING and ORGANIZATION.

Use the below tips specially tailored to address the unique challenges you face when you try to slim down at 30 and beyond.

  1.  Get Hold of Your Muscles and Metabolism

If you want a healthy metabolism to lose weight in your 30, you need to maintain your muscles.

“Women in her 30s need to be very careful about building and keeping muscle mass to support a healthy metabolism. Women begin to lose their muscle in the 30s, and until that muscle is challenged and maintained with regular workout sessions, the muscles loss will eventually slow the metabolism.”

Resolution: How does a woman with a busy life work can take control of her calorie burning fires from fizzling?

So, if you can’t get to the gym, there are easy strength workouts you can do at home.  Short and intense workout sessions will be more likely to burn extra fat.

  1. Stop Hanging with Fad Diets

Women in their 30s are too bold and too sophisticated to fall for the modern-day diet trends.

Are these fads harmful?

“If you have ever dieted on and off until your 30s, the chances are your metabolism is unclear, confused and disorganized. With every new diet attempt, you may put your body into starvation mode, and weight loss becomes harder than the rock. ”

Resolution: Your first step to healthy and fresh eating is to estimate your daily caloric intake.  You should also keep a pre-diet food record.  Then make sure you eat sufficient protein to maintain a healthy metabolism, limit your sugar consumption, and monitor your carbs intake to stay energized and gratified throughout the day.

  1. Deal and Manage Your Stress like A Pro

It is believed that 30’s is the most stressful time in our lives. Career, marriage, job stress, babies and relationship issues could keep you awake at nights. Even the simple act of dieting can give you stress. And, such challenges can cause more problems if they are not taken seriously.

“Life stress can stimulate your metabolism by initiating the stress response and in turn fat storage.”

So, balance in lifestyle is the key to a happy life.

Resolution: Get support from friends and family or reach out to a certified professional if you think that stress is preventing you from losing weight.

A Word to the Wise

If you are a working woman trying to lose weight after 30, you might be intrigued to back burner your health and your weight.

What’s worse? You might go on the first diet you perceive in a fashion magazine.  Don’t make those silly mistakes.  Now is the time when your decisions have real long-term consequences.  Make the best selections for lifelong health and well-being. The truth is weight loss for women after 30 is achievable with smart organization, assistance and a healthy dose of common sense.



Your One Week Guide to a Flatter Belly

Flatter belly

Flatter belly

Have a big event coming up in a week? Want to get rid of the bloated stomach and get a flatter belly? Having a flat belly is on the top of the list of many people’s fitness regime. Getting a flatter belly in just a week is an avid goal, but by sticking to a proper plan, you can make a difference to your shape. Hence by the end of the week, you can make your stomach look flatter with some posture and style tricks. To discover the tips and tricks for a flatter belly, read on:

1. Stay Away from Salt:

Eating foods that are high in salts could be one of the reasons due to which your belly is looking bloated and puffy. Salt retains fluid that adds several pounds to your weight. Instead, add flavor to your foods with other spices & herbs. Some of them are:

  • Cinnamon: It can lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood sugar.
  • Ginger: It helps you to clear the weekend food out of your system with the help of digestive tract.
  • Mustard seed: With just one teaspoon of mustard seeds, you can increase your calorie burning.
  • Cayenne: It helps you to stimulate your metabolism to burn more calories.

So, putting your salt shaker away and getting these spices can help you a lot.

2. Go Green and Get Fresh:

Eating a meal of fresh fruits and vegetables will burn 15% of your calories. Veggies and fruits are rich in vitamin C and thus help in burning food. Avoid eating dried plums as they contain sorbitol which can lead to additional bloating and gas.

3. Fiber is Your Buddy:

To get your digestive tract move again, you need fiber. You should try to inculcate fiber in your every meal.

  • For Breakfast: If you have acidity, try wheat toast. If not, oatmeal flavored with raisins would be perfect.
  • For lunch: You can try some barley soup.
  • For Snacks: Grab a few nuts such as almonds or peanuts. The Fiber in nuts keeps your digestion regular and allows you to feel satisfied.
  • For Dinner: A baked potato with light and one hundred calorie is gentle on your stomach. It is enriched in fiber and is cholesterol free.

4. Say No to Alcohol:

According to American Journal of Epidemiology, people who heavily drink alcohol are more likely to get bloated. Restrain your body from alcohol and carbonated beverages for a few days. Alcohol leads to digestive problems and dehydration. The best thing is to drink water. Water helps in flushing out impurities and enables your digestion to get back on track. Also, drinking six to eight glasses a day is a healthy habit.

5. Chew Properly and Slowly:

While eating fastly, you swallow air which leads to bloating your belly and poor digestion. Enjoy each mouthful and try to slow down. Avoid distractions and multitasking, this way you can focus on eating your food slowly and not just gulping it. It will help you a lot in flattening your belly.

6. Watch Out the Intake of Sugar:

Many people don’t know how much hidden sugar they are intaking on a daily basis. Only staying away from cookies and chocolate bars won’t help much, many other things like frozen foods, sauces, yogurts and health bars have hidden sugar that adds calories. Consuming high amount of sugar will make it harder to lose belly flat. Read all labels of food before buying it. If you want to look best for the upcoming event in a week, stick to wholesome and natural foods.

7. Do Some Exercise Every Day:

Many studies suggest that mild physical activity alleviates bloating and clears gas. It is because the increasing breathing and heart rate spurs the regular contractions of the intestinal muscles, thus helps in preventing gas buildup and constipation by expediting digestion. If you walk for 10 minutes every day, it helps in burning 26 calories along with strengthening your heart rate. If you don’t get the time to go for a walk, you can try another form of exercise. It boosts your metabolism. Try to getting your heart rate pumping at least once a day to get lean and burn your fat.

For extra help in flattening your belly, consider these special products:

  • Peppermint tea or oil capsules contribute to killing the bacteria leads to bloating.
  • Use a product such as Tums, Gas-X, Pepto Bismal, or Bean.
  • You can try a digestive enzyme like a probiotic capsule.
  • Drink chamomile or fennel tea.
  • Try a gentle colon cleanser.
  • One of the best advice is to stop checking your weight every day. Instead, judge your bloating by the fit of your clothes.

With incorporating these easy tips into your everyday routine,  achieve the best results and get a flatter belly in a week!











Weight Loss From Yoga: What made yoga a viable weight loss option?

Weight Loss Yoga


The moment a certain fitness regimen is highlighted as the weight loss routine some celebrity is using prior to his or her next high profile project, almost everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Yoga is not exempted from the after-effects of such exposure on mainstream media. But are the newbies ready to take on the challenges that come with such routine? [Royalty-free featured image sourced from Morguefile.]

Why go with yoga?

The mindfulness associated with practicing yoga even for beginners make them aware of what’s happening within their body. Breathing exercises that hope to relax the body helps in anticipating the more challenging poses. Prolonged and slower breathing exercises end up helping the person cope with the yoga poses that keep on getting more challenging as said person levels up in the course.

The same mindfulness becomes a helpful attribute in helping these yoga neophyte count their breathing exercises every 2 or 3 seconds as opposed to every second. The latter even contributes to the cleared mindset and relieved breathing procedure. Once the breathing has pacified the body, the rest of the limbs are ready to coordinate their movements with the belly.

The spiritual connection

One aspect that made yoga for weight loss attractive for individuals who have never tried yoga before is the spiritual connection. It is not just about the sitting poses that reminded you of Buddha or some other spiritual guru from South Asia. It is that connection to your inner psyche that makes you aware of how bloated your belly feels, contributing to that drowsy feeling and uneasy air of sleepiness plus burping episodes.

That spiritual connection also reverberates on your over-all consciousness. Like how conscious can you get in the middle of a moment. Or that one time in the conference room where you are feeling light-headed. If there is one weight loss regiment that helps dieters become aware of their own body and their surroundings, it is yoga. The moment you become familiarized with the instructor’s line “Find your center”, the closest thing you could follow that instruction to the letter is by sitting upright in lotus position.

But in some weight loss-themed yoga sessions, that center is your belly because it is that part of the body that you wanted to do something about. This is why some of these routines start with relaxing on top of the yoga mat, arms and legs spread calmly that extends out of the edges of the yoga mat to put the belly in the middle of the yoga mat.

Counting the breaths.

The average calm way to breathe in yoga is 3 seconds to inhale and 3 seconds to exhale. Beyond 3 seconds is already a little gratuitous but worth testing just to see your breathing capacity or checking if exhaling does not come with coughing while exhaling. Exhaling without coughing out is a good sign that you are ready for the rest of the yoga poses.

There are yoga routines that target the belly, the arms and the legs apart from the breathing exercises. Don’t rush on getting all parts worked out on your first month of yoga sessions. Everybody has got to start somewhere. So choosing routines that target the belly first and the flabby arms next while prepping your lungs for fixing the breathing routines is highly recommended for conditioning your body for the more advanced sessions to come.