Teaching Considerations

Teaching Considerations

Make sure to teach to all levels

  • Find out who is new to Aerial Yoga before class
  • Tell everyone to go at their own pace and not feel pressured to do anything they are not ready for or comfortable with
  • Check out body language and read the room.  Look for people who are uncomfortable, or bored
  • If the majority of the class is struggling with something, abort and move on to something else
  • Always review the moves with new students and allow the more experienced students to go ahead and practice while you are assisting others
  • You may want to give two different options for beginners and intermediate levels

Teach themed classes

  • You may not want to do this all the time but you can add a themed class that has a specific focus.  It could be directed toward different body parts such as back, hips, neck, etc.  Or it could be based on a word or phrase like “Limitless”, or “Being Present”. 

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