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runners problems

How To Overcome Common Runner Problems To Make It To Race Day?

George Andrew | May 14, 2018

In this fitness freak world, everyone wants to get into shape. People spend a number of hours in the gym from their busy schedule but still, they do not get desired results. So, now the question is what to do…..

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weight loss

Top 6 Nutrition Hacks to Follow When You Are On Weight Loss Spree

George Andrew | May 13, 2018

Many times we work hard in the gym but don’t feel that we are achieving the desired result. Moreover, we tend to get frustrated about our current progress. So, to avoid this frustration and seek the necessary result. Follow these…..

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3 ways to lose weight in your 30's

Top 3 Secrets To Lose Weight In Your 30’s

George Andrew | April 29, 2018

Yes, losing weight in your thirties is possible. But, only with a smarter plan. We all know that losing weight at any age is a big deal. However, losing weight in your thirties is especially hard. Why? Because of one…..

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Flatter belly

Your One Week Guide to a Flatter Belly

George Andrew | April 8, 2018

Have a big event coming up in a week? Want to get rid of the bloated stomach and get a flatter belly? Having a flat belly is on the top of the list of many people’s fitness regime. Getting a…..

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Ketogenic diet

All About Ketogenic Diet

George Andrew | April 3, 2018

Have you made your mind to lose weight and look slim? We have got the best plan for you! It’s a Ketogenic Diet! Wondering what is a ketogenic diet? How can it benefit you? We have all the answers covered…..

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Yoga for Weight Loss

Can Yoga Help you lose weight?

George Andrew | February 6, 2018

Can yoga help you lose weight? Yes. By targeting certain parts of the body that you might be having a tough time trimming the fat off. So it is only a matter of time before you finally say goodbye to…..

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Sugar: tastes sweet, feels bitter

George Andrew | July 8, 2017

Sugar can be our best friend and our worst enemy… it can make our food taste irresistible and add inches to our waist. Sugar is like that “friend” that always wants to go grab a bite, a drink, and then…..

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Healthy Fats for Weight Loss

George Andrew | May 28, 2017

There are 3 main macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  And you need all 3 in order to live a healthy life at a healthy weight!  So if you have cut fat out of your life in an attempt to lose…..

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Tips to Reduce Cravings

George Andrew | March 11, 2017

We’ve all had them… those uncontrollable urges that lead you to the snack cabinet.  When a craving hits, it can seem like the most important thing in the world to satisfy that craving – but have no fear!  You can…..

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Healthy Weight Loss

George Andrew | February 25, 2017

When it comes to losing weight, most of us look for the fastest and easiest strategies to get rid of excess weight.  Unfortunately, these fast and easy strategies are not sustainable and are not healthy.  Meaning, you may make your…..

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