If you are looking for a gym I recommend Brickhouse. The owner, Karen, is a great trainer, works at your level and knows when to push you without letting you give up. Every workout I felt like I could do more and push harder. It was not only the trainers that made the workouts fun but also meeting all the nice women who encouraged each other. I have been one that doesn’t really work out, or I try for a month but then give up. In three months I lost 9 inches – now what does that mean? This past month I have had so many compliments from people asking if I lost weight, I tell them no but I am working out. Its amazing to see the results! When I look at before and after pics i can see the difference, especially in my waist. Not only did I loose inches around the waist i gained muscular tone! Again, I recommend anyone wanting to look for a gym where you can be motivated and have fun meeting new people to come to Brickhouse.

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