A Sober Month

Alcohol has become a mainstream social activity in today’s society.  Whether we’re meeting with colleagues at happy hour or sipping a glass of wine with dinner, we all imbibe! (for the most part…)

Have you ever tried to cut-out alcohol?  For longer than 4 days?  The effects can be quite astounding!

I cut out alcohol for a month while I was living alone in So Cal.  It was quite the experience!  The first thing I noticed was that after work, when I normally reached for that glass of wine, I experienced a LOT of emotions!  Normally, I would numb them away, but without alcohol, I was left to experience them (whether they were good or bad).  And I grew a lot as a person from having to deal with these emotions head-on.

I also found that my mind functioned quite well in the evenings.  I had always thought that when I got home, I was mentally and physically drained, so might as well drink!  But it was quite the opposite.  Aside from work, life is quiet and relaxing, so I was able to pursue my hobbies.  This is the period of my life where I dived deep into yoga and even began teaching yoga – it was amazing!

The next biggest effect was that my mornings were 20x more productive!  I woke up feeling energized, and rarely skipped my morning workout.  I didn’t need that cup of coffee in the morning to wake me up – in fact, I gave up caffeine shortly after abstaining from alcohol, simply because I didn’t need it!  With more energy, my mood became elevated and I was genuinely a happier person!

The biggest overall change was simply that I was more full of life.  I had more motivation and energy to pursue the things that I wanted to spend my time on.  We each have one life to live, so why not live it to the fullest?

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