Balancing Your Thyroid

If you haven’t already, read about the Importance of Your Thyroid…  And now that you’re convinced that we need to balance it, let’s figure out how!


First, if you are clinically diagnosed with hyper- or hypo-thyroidism, your doctor will recommend the best medication and it will most likely be prescription.  But we can always use natural methods to prevent thyroid disease and to help the thyroid heal!  Here are the main strategies for balancing your thyroid:

  • Consume Iodine-Rich Foods: Iodine is the key nutrient that the pituitary gland uses in order to produce TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone).  This hormone regulates how much T3 and T4 the thyroid produces.  Great sources of iodine include: kelp, cranberries, strawberries, and potatoes.


  • Consume Selenium-Rich Foods: Selenium helps protect the thyroid when you are under stress.  Selenium also helps with your metabolism (your weight!)  You can find selenium in Brazilian nuts and sunflower seeds.
  • Consume Iron-Rich Foods: Iron is important for the blood – but did you know it also supports a healthy thyroid?!  To up your intake of iron, you can consume foods like beans and dark, leafy greens.
  • Avoid Gluten: The consumption of gluten has been found to be linked to hypothyroidism.  This is because gluten can cause inflammation in the gut.  If you think that gluten may be causing inflammation, you can abstain from wheat, rye, and barley for a month and see if you notice an improvement!
  • Avoid Dairy: Just like gluten, dairy products can cause inflammation in the gut.  Especially dairy products containing A1 Casein.  If you think you are experiencing gut inflammation, try avoiding dairy for a month to see if your health improves.
  • Avoid BPA: BPA (or bisphenol A) has been linked to numerous hormonal problems in the body, and has been found to alter the production of thyroid hormones.  BPA is found in many plastics – so to reduce consumption, try to keep your food and drinks away from any plastics.  Stick to stainless steel, wood, glass, and ceramic.



These are the main strategies for balancing the thyroid naturally – so feel free to try some or all of them and see how it affects your metabolism.  You may experience a mood and energy boost as well as finding your healthy weight!

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