Getting Back on the Fitness Train

Remember back in January, when you set a rush of good intentions for eating healthy and working out? How are those intentions doing now?… Now that summer is almost over, have you given up hope on your swimsuit-ready body? (by the way, every body is swimsuit ready – what may not be ready for it is your mind)

Well, have no fear! It is never too late to get back into a healthy routine! Let’s take a moment to think back to our aspiring January selves… what did we want our lives to be like by mid-summer? Maybe you even wrote down your goals – if so, go find them! Let’s check them out and see if any of them match with the descriptions below:

  • Exercise Moreokay, this one is very generic, but also a very common resolution. If this was one of yours, think about whether or not you made a change to your exercise routine. If not, let’s start now! Go ahead and sign up for that fun fitness class. Or lace up your shoes and go on a run. This resolution has a lot of room for interpretation, so use that freedom to make your exercise routine fun!
  • Run a marathon now we’re getting specific… but don’t worry, it’s not too late to start! You only need 8-16 weeks of dedicated training (depending on how much you’ve been running) in order to complete a marathon. And there is a plethora of resources available online with training plans for new runners. Simply Google “marathon training plan” and pick one that works for you! After that is the hard part… 8-16 weeks of commitment to running, followed by 26.2 miles of blood, seat, and tears. It is not easy, but believe me, it’s worth it!
  • Lose Weight so this one is partly related to exercise, the other part is nutrition. So, have you lost the weight you had expected to last January? If not, let’s start now! One of the best exercise routines for weight loss is HIIT (high intensity interval training). If you are unfamiliar with HIIT, check out your local gym, fitness center, or cardio club to find some heart-pumping classes to boost your metabolism and burn some calories! After 4 weeks of 5 HIIT workouts per week, you should feel a dramatic difference in the way you feel about your body.

These tend to be the most common fitness-related goals/resolutions, but if you had a fitness goal that was not listed, feel free to comment below and we can offer some advice to guide get you back on the fitness train and conquer your goals!

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