How to Meditate

Meditation has a multitude of health benefits – the most immediate being mental clarity.  If you are living your days in a constant state of go-go-go and feel like there is never enough time in the day, perhaps it’s time to start a mediation practice.  Don’t worry!  You don’t need any skills or props to start meditating.  You just need the will to stop everything and sit in silence.  For your first meditation, try the following:


Find a quiet room and turn off all distractions (including your phone!)  

Make yourself as comfortable as possible by sitting or lying down.  Make sure that your entire body is comfortable – we are going to remain stationary for a while.

Once you are settled, gently close your eyes and bring your awareness inward.

Start to focus on the breath, first noticing it in it’s natural state.  Notice the speed of the breath – does it seem rushed or relaxed?  Do not judge the speed of your breath.

Next notice where the breath is most prevalent in your body.  Do you feel it mostly in your chest?  Belly? Throat?  Do not judge, simply observe.

Begin to deepen the breath, filling your entire belly, ribs, and chest.  As you exhale, empty the air completely from the chest, ribs, and belly.  Continue with these deep breaths for several minutes.

If your mind begins to wander during the meditation, bring the awareness back to the breath.  As you inhale, fill the belly, ribs, and chest.  As you exhale, empty the chest, ribs, and belly.

After several minutes, you may notice that the frequency of your thoughts have decreased.  If they have not, nothing is wrong, this is just your natural mind at work.

When you are ready to end the meditation, bring your awareness back to the room around you and slowly open your eyes.  Stay still for another breath, before gently moving on to the rest of your day.

Meditation is truly a great tool to practice daily.  You will notice many subtle changes that occur over time if you are able to keep up a consistent practice.  So just keep meditating!

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