How to Start Juicing

Juicing has been becoming super popular – and for good reason!  It’s an easy way to feed your body the nutrients it really needs.  However, buying pre-made juices can get pricey ($4 for 12 oz? no thanks!).  So that leads us to juicing at home!  

You will have to invest in a juicer, but if money is an issue, you can purchase a used one at a discounted price.  Next, you will have to stock-up on produce: fruits and veggies!  Be sure to invest in organic produce for your juices.  Remember, when you drink your produce, the nutrients are absorbed more quickly into your body.  That means that if there are any toxins (pesticides) in your produce, those will also be absorbed more quickly!  In this case, organic is worth the investment.

One point of caution: juicing is not recommended for those who struggle with blood sugar.  Since the juices of the produce are being quickly absorbed by your body, this can lead to a blood sugar spike, which is not desirable for those struggling with diabetes.

Now it’s time to start juicing!  You can explore the internet for a wide array of delicious juice recipes.  My go-to juicer is Kris Carr, but I like to experiment with other as well.  When you first start juicing, you’ll probably use more fruit (like lemons and apples) to cover up the taste of the more bitter greens, but as you become accustomed to the taste, you will need less of the sweeter fruits.

One of the great benefits of juicing is that you feel the effects immediately!  The energy from the juice is easily extracted by your body (since you have removed the fiber from your produce).  You may even notice that the energy boost supersedes your typical caffeine boost!

Juicing can also help you fight inflammation and heal your body.  These fresh juices are rich with antioxidants and other nutrients to help your body’s cells repair and grow.  But there’s no need to wait until you’re sick to start drinking your nutrients – start now!  Your overall health will greatly improve.  You may even start notice a glow around you – and others may notice, too!

So take that leap of faith – try out juicing for a couple weeks and see how it affects your body.  Feel free to comment below with how juicing made you feel and your favorite juicing recipes!

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