Meditating with a Mantra

Mantras, much like affirmations, can help change your thought patterns and shape a more positive outlook on life!

Unlike affirmations, mantras are short phrases (or even single words) that are meant to be repeated over and over again, typically during a meditation. A mantra doesn’t have to be in your native language, either! Sanskrit (the language of yoga), is a vibrational language with tons of mantras. Rather than repeating a phrase that has a particular meaning to you, the sound of the words literally resonates in your body, eliciting physical reactions as well as mental reactions.

If you’re not ready for a Sanskrit mantra, there are plenty of English mantras to choose from! For instance, if you are taking a quick meditation in the middle of work to destress, you can use the mantra “peace”. Simple, right?

To use this mantra, simply begin your meditation by sitting in a comfortable position and closing your eyes. You can repeat the mantra in your head or out loud (out loud is more effective!). You can chant it at whatever pace is best for you. Fast, slow, whatever you need! After a couple of minutes of chanting “peace”, you may feel more at peace. It is quite astounding how powerful mantras can be!

For a list of positive, uplifting mantras, check out this website. Pick one that you need at this moment and meditate on it for a few minutes. Notice the effects that a simple phrase can have on your mind and spirit.

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