The 4 Best Forms Of Meditation


In today’s world, stress has become part and parcel of life and there is a need to find out a clear way. Here is when meditation comes to the picture. Studies suggest that meditation is the best stress buster.

Moreover, experts from various fields have developed many forms of meditation. The best part of meditation is that it suits the majority of people irrespective of their career and lifestyle.

If someone meditates regularly, he/she has a chance to improve their physical well-being and emotional health. The best part of it is that there is no firm way to do meditation which means you are free to choose the type which suits you the best.

There are fun facts about meditation you would love to know.

  • Firstly in each type of meditation, there are several subtypes to discover and follow.
  • Secondly, every teacher has different opinions about how frequently a person should meditate.
  • Lastly, you can blend different types of approaches till you find the right one.

As we know, there are different types of meditation, and each one is as effective as the other. So, we found it crucial to list a few best forms of meditation.

Below are the four best meditation forms:

Metta Meditation:

This type of meditation is also known as Loving-kindness meditation. In this form, the motto is to cultivate the feeling of love and kindness for the humankind and even toward the source of stress.

The person practicing it takes a deep breath and concentrates their mind on the feeling of love and kindness. Moreover, they send a message of love and affection to people around them. Practitioner repeats the message many times until they feel an attitude of love and kindness.

The purpose of this form of meditation is to promote a feeling of love and compassion towards them and others. This form has been active in increasing positive emotions and reducing stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

Breath Awareness Meditation:

Breath awareness meditation encourages mindful breathing. In this form of meditation, the practitioner counts the number of breath he takes. The primary motive is to focus on breathing and shutting out other thoughts.

The breath awareness motivates practitioner to be aware of their breathing. Furthermore, studies have shown that this form reduces anxiety, improves concentration and emotional flexibility.

Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini yoga is a perfect blend of deep breathing and mantras. The practitioner usually learns from an instructor. But, there are some who can learn the poses and the mantras at home.

Kundalini yoga like other forms of yoga improves physical strength and reduces pain. It is found that it also reduces anxiety and depression. In a recent study, it is found that yoga increases energy and improve overall mental health.

Zen Meditation:

Zen meditation also referred as Zazen is a part of Buddhist practice. In this type of meditation, the practitioner performs specific steps and postures. The main goal is to find the comfortable position, focus on breathing and mindfully observe one’s thought.

This type of meditation requires more discipline in practice than others. People usually prefer it when they are seeking relaxation and a new spiritual path.


Meditation has many forms, and no type is better or worse than the other. So, it depends on the practitioner as to what they are seeking from it. Follow what you feel is helping you and to know more about how to deal with stress keep reading.

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