Getting the Motivation Back

Have you recently lost motivation for some goals you set earlier this year/month/week?  Well don’t fret!  We all lose sight of our goals every once in a while because we are all human.  So don’t waste your time worrying about everything you have done wrong; instead, change your mindset to focus on a positive path forward!  This article will offer various solutions for getting back on track to achieving your goals by asking key questions – it may be helpful to have a journal handy so that you can answer these questions in written form. (journaling helps unlock trapped thoughts and bring them into your consciousness)  So let’s begin!


What is your #1 priority in life right now?


Are you prioritizing a certain relationship, an aspect of your health, your finances, or something else entirely?  You need to know what is #1 because no matter what goals you set, this priority will come first.  Maybe your #1 goal is your #1 priority!  If so, even better, because then we can work on focus.  When you have good focus, you have a clear view of the road ahead – this is sometimes manifested as determination.  Your #1 priority is the aspect of your life that you are always thinking and talking about.  It’s what you care about most!  And to achieve a lofty goal, you need to care about it deeply.  Your #1 goal needs to be your #1 priority.  So take some time to put those two in the same box in your mind.  You can try to change your #1 priority (but the mind will want to shift it back!).  What’s best to do is shift your #1 goal to have it in line with your #1 priority – this way your heart and mind will be in line with each other and you will be unstoppable!


What are little actions you can take towards your goal?


This is important to write down – so if you haven’t grabbed a pen and paper yet, do it now!  And start to think what you can physically do each and every day to achieve your goal.  Do you want to improve your health?  Make a list of things you must do every day to get healthier (for some inspiration, check out our Top 5 Healthy Habits).  Are you trying to improve your financial situation?  Think about superfluous things you buy every day (coffee, gum, new clothes), and when you get the urge to buy those things, put the money you would have spent in a special fund.  Later, you can spend that money on your financial goals: house, school, plane tickets, etc.  Are you trying to save the world?  Think about what you can do each and every day.  Maybe you write daily articles on the topic that you feel strongly about to share with the world.  No matter what your goal, try to keep your daily actions small, because we all have those days that the world seems to be working against us… And when the world is working in your favor, when the planets align, when the moon is shining brightly, then reach for the stars to propel yourself further towards your goals!


How can I do better?


Always take time to reflect – either on a daily or weekly basis (I find Sundays work best!).  Ask yourself how you can improve.  The actions that you decided to take today may work for a while, but eventually your mind will find ways to improve them.  When we take time to reflect on our goals, we allow ourselves the flexibility to change our daily habits for the better.  Remember: we are all human!  So the solutions you implemented today may not work the next week or the next month.  The world is constantly changing, so we must too.  Just try to make these changes as minimal as possible.  Too much change creates chaos and will lead us further from our goals.  That is why it is important to reflect on your goals frequently – to minimize the amount of changes you implement!

So now you have a clear path on the way forward – time to go forth and conquer!  Feel happy and confident knowing that you are on the right path towards a successful future.  Believe in yourself (because I sure do believe in you!).  And if you want to share the daily actions that you are taking towards your goal, feel free to comment below!

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