Weight Loss is in the Mind



Losing weight may seem like a very physical at: eat less, exercise more.  But in order to find success in losing weight, you need control over the mind… How are you supposed to eat less when your mind keeps saying “I want more pizza”?  How are you supposed to exercise more when your mind tells you “I just want to watch Netflix”?  It’s impossible!  It’s a constant battle!  So to find success in your weight loss journey, start with the mind.


Did you know that you do have control over your thoughts?  It’s takes a lot of practice and patients, but over time, you can change the way your brain thinks!  The best technique for changing mental patterns is to have conversations with your thoughts.  Treat your mind like a separate entity from yourself.  For example:


Your mind: “I want to go get ice cream”

You: “Why do you want ice cream”

Mind: “I’m hungry”

You: “But we just ate, there’s still food in our stomach.”

Mind: “Well then let’s indulge.  It’s healthy to indulge every once in a while.”

You: “We do indulge, when I’m ready to indulge.  This seems like something else.”

Mind: “Well, work was very stressful and ice cream always makes us feel better.”

You: “Ice cream will not make us happier in the long run and will not make work less stressful.  It will taste good and boost our energy temporarily – but it will leave us feeling lower than before.”

Mind: “You’re right, now I remember the long-term effects of eating ice cream.”

You: “Let’s go do yoga to de-stress and get your mind off of ice cream.”

Mind: “Sounds great!”


You do not have to succumb to your own thoughts.  They are subconscious manifestations that do not have any power over you.  So the next time an unhealthy thought pops into your head, recognize it and beat it with logic.  


Mindfulness is the key to manifesting your dreams!

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