Classroom Management

• Always start on time and end on time
• Make sure students abide by the rules that you have established
• Keep control of the class while still keeping it fun
• Make sure that everyone can hear and see you
• If a student is being disruptive or unsafe, you must attend to the situation right away
• Do not allow people to use cell phones during class
• Allow for photos after class

For Kids Classes

  • Have them sit on the floor when teaching a new move so that they pay attention
  • Try to get them to slow down and focus on their form instead of going super fast
  • Teach them the importance of listening to keep them safe
  • If teaching a new and difficult move, have everyone watch while each student attempts the move (if necessary)
  • Give praise for good listening and for good execution of the moves. Give praise for being brave and trying new things.
  • Remind them that learning new moves can be difficult and they may not get it right at first. It takes practice. Remind them to breathe and be patient. They will get it soon.
  • Kids have a very short attention span so it is important to keep them focused on participating in class and not doing their own thing.

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