Sample Beginner Class

Sample Beginner Aerial Yoga Class

Start StandingBack Pack (Integration) Star gazer, Side Sways, Lateral Lunges, Mountain peak and bend knees, Chair with figure 4, Swings
Wrist wraps StandingStanding flat back roll up, pull ups, Shoulder stretch, Cat/cow
Standing Toning  Squats, leg lifts, Calf raises, curtsy squats, Arabasque knee lift, Arabasque squat, Goddess squat add heel lifts   Super woman, speed skater, ninja kicks For Fun
StretchesHamstring, Dancer, Hip stretch, Split stretch Flying raindeer, Flying buddha, Leg swings, Airplane, Pyramid, Flying canoe, Warrior 1/2/3
InversionsBack straddle, Chandelier, Handstand, Circus Seat, Shoulder stand, Baby In craddle  
Standing in fabricButterfly, Jeannie in bottle
Rib Hangs  Swing w knees up, Locust, Knee lifts, Chair Spinning bunny
Sitting in fabric  Staff pose, Back bend, waterfall, Boat, Angel flip
Core  Plank/pike, Cheetah, Leg circles, Leg drops
HipsFlying locust, Forward fold Handstand
Flipsbutterfly front/back, Double wrap inversion
Relaxing posesSaddle, Straddle, Deer, Cacoon
SavassanaRelax in hammock or on floor, Add meditation or breath work

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