Monkey In A Dress

  • Instruction
  • • Start seated in fabric
  • • Push fabric down to low back with thumbs and lock it into place
  • • Lean back and take legs super wide
  • • Wrap legs around the fabric and hook feet
  • • Do a big sit up and grab the fabric above the right knee
  • • Continue to climb up and pull yourself up to the top
  • – To come out simply sit back down, open knees
  • – Hold on in between legs
  • – Release feet and sit up
  • Option 1
  • Grab on high and arch body forward (Seal)
  • Option 2
  • Pull the fabric to cover feet and pull it up a little bit more.
  • Hold arms out to sides for a butterfly pose
  • Option 3
  • Hold on tight and lean body forward for a big stretc
  • Lean head back
  • Option 4
  • Take the edges that you are holding on to from the back thru to the front and hold on
  • Lean body forward and arch the back
  • Safety
  • • Make sure legs are wrapped around the fabric to keep you locked in
  • • Hold on tight

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